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Julie Chavez is a 20-year old journalism major who is still trying to figure her life out. She was born and raised in Southern California but moved to Fresno shortly after she graduated from Colton High School in 2018. Since senior year of high school, Julie was set on becoming a math teacher so she chose to major in mathematics the second she enrolled here at Fresno City College. However, Julie only majored in mathematics for two semesters before realizing it wasn’t for her so she took the risk and changed her major to Journalism.

Julie’s love for music, concerts, and photography is what got her interested in Journalism. She figured she would try out journalism to see if she enjoyed it enough to become a possible career option for her. So she entered the world of journalism with absolutely no experience but with the help of Journalism professors and fellow classmates, Julie was able to improve her writing and photography skills pretty quickly. This is now Julie’s fourth semester majoring in journalism and her second semester writing for The Rampage.

Unfortunately, this may be Julie’s last semester at Fresno City College but she is excited to finally  graduate and move on. She is still unsure of what university she wants to transfer to, therefore she is keeping her options open and applying to a few. Julie plans to continue on in the journalism field at whatever university she is accepted to and hopes to eventually figure out her life.

Julie Chavez, Editor in Chief

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