The Pandemic’s Impact on Clubs at Fresno City College

For the fall 2021 semester at Fresno City College there are still many clubs and organizations that are inactive. 

Some of these clubs include the Anime Club, Bonsai Club, History Club and more. 

After speaking with instructors and coordinators for some of these clubs, it is apparent that they are inactive for the same reasons.

One reason is that some clubs do not have the same traffic in respect to students joining pre-pandemic. 

Paul Gilmore, advisor for the History Club said, they plan to stay inactive until the spring 2022 semester, due to both shortage of participants and the pandemic.

Another reason is that if clubs meet students could be exposed to COVID based on the activities they engage in. 

FCC’s Students For Sustainable Action Club is another club that was inactive during the pandemic. 

According to FCC’s web page on clubs, the Students for Sustainable Action club works to promote good environmental practices on a local scale.

Due to classes being remote, the club could not meet to have activities face to face and the number of students decreased, according to Club President, Solome Lubbers. 

Usually, the club would gather in the garden and tended compost. During the pandemic, the club only did online activities. 

For example, they did Kahoot quizzes and held meetings on updates for community involvement.

Lubbers said she hopes the club plans to host events again soon and is currently looking for new members for vice president, ICC representative and secretary positions.

Another club that was inactive during the pandemic, but is making a comeback is FCC’s Volunteer Club. 

According to FCC’s web page on clubs, the club’s purpose is to facilitate student growth through volunteer and leadership opportunities and activities.

In other words, club members would get together and assist in many large community events, which was a risk for students. 

Amie Mazzoni, leader of the club said, “I didn’t feel it was safe to put students in a situation that could potentially expose them to COVID.” 

Mazzoni said the Volunteer club is now active this semester and held their first meeting on Aug. 18, 2021. 

Despite these two reasons, there are many clubs who do have many students willing to participate, such as the Early Childhood Education & Educators Club. 

Martina Marquez-Ramirez, advisor of the club said, they are working hard to reach an active status and have submitted their paperwork to be reinstated on campus this semester.