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Jayronan Vanthy

Jayronan Vanthy, News Editor

Born May 12, 2001 in Phnom Penh Cambodia, Jayronan Vanthy (or "Ronan" as he would later be referred to as) flew overseas at the age of five as a natural born citizen of the United States from his father's citizenship.

Though a foreigner at a young age, his adaptability towards English from baby Khmer words was almost more than natural. So much so, that he actually enjoys writing in the English language ever since those first few days in first grade where he was more than pleased to write about pandas (or any other animal related reports) for his teachers.

This became a constant theme throughout his academic career, where his only potential talent and success came in the form of writing.

Though sadly, not knowing what to do with it aside from getting good grades, growing up in Fresno with an artful soul, it was only inevitable for him to be drawn into the nerdy scene of pop culture and media, where most of his inspiration and dreams stem from. Things such as the internet and video games he fully immersed himself in, making it the entire hallmark of his personality.

How can he turn such a valueless passion in entertainment into a career? What career would be suitable for a writer who yearns for an eventful life full of adventures and stories that awaits him?

That's when it hit him, Journalism! the obvious answers of course, as most notably being a journalist would mean going out and pursuing the stories through great lengths, whether danger is present or not.

So here he is, present day at FCC as a Journalism major.

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