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Johnny Cortez, Reporter

Johnny Cortez is a 19-year-old Vietnamese and Mexican Journalism major who is in his fourth semester at Fresno City College. 

Born in Spokane, Washington, and growing up here in Fresno, California, he graduated from Sunnyside High School back in 2019. At Sunnyside, he was a part of the Video Production Academy where he learned about video production to produce content for his school. He knows how to film, edit and produce videos. 

This is his first time working with The Rampage, but having skills he learned from Sunnyside under his belt he can use it to help out The Rampage.

Johnny lives a second life where he is a student by day and a drag queen by night. Johnny has been doing drag for 5 years starting back when he was a junior in high school. He mostly works in art hop shows due to him not being old enough to work in nightlife events. 

Besides doing drag in his free time he likes to watch horror films and draw. Some of his favorite horror films go from American Mary to Cabin Fever. His art consists of women with extreme eyeliner and a grunge aesthetic. His favorite medium is watercolors and colored pencils. 

Johnny also enjoys playing video games like Genshin Impact and Animal Crossing to escape a long busy day. 

Johnny’s favorite animal is a bunny which he has a tattoo on his thigh dedicated to his love of bunnies.

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Johnny Cortez