FCC Students Are Not Fans of St. Patrick’s Day

Story By: Julie Chavez, Reporter

For students at Fresno City College, St. Patrick’s day which falls on Tuesday, March 17, is just another day and frankly is not as important as other holidays such as Christmas or Thanksgiving. 

Most people only associate it with drinking or pinching others for not wearing green or leprechauns. Very few people know why it’s actually a holiday. 

Culinary arts major, Edward Sartuche, believes the real meaning of St. Patrick’s day is “all clouded by the drinking and green,” because to him the holiday is not important but he knows it is important to other cultures. 

For those who do not know, St. Patrick’s day is the anniversary of St Patrick’s death. He was one of Ireland’s patron saints who brought Christianity to the people of Ireland. 

At first, St. Patrick’s day was mostly celebrated in Ireland but Irish immigrants who moved to the United States around the 19th and 20th centuries brought the holiday and its traditions with them. 

Today, St. Patrick’s day is celebrated all over the United States with cities like Chicago and New York holding some of the biggest parades. 

Here at FCC, there is little St. Patrick’s day spirit amongst students. 

Some students began to question why the grade schools they attended did not teach them what St. Patrick’s day is about. 

When asked about the holiday, most students only know, “that people pinch each other on that day if you don’t wear green,” says Sebastian Gomez. 

 Esmeralda Cortez theorizes schools avoid teaching what it’s about because “there might be bad connotations behind it,” but she truly does not know why St. Patrick’s day is not taught in school or history books. 

Other students feel it’s just not important enough to be taught and have never been interested enough to research it on their own.

“It’s not worth knowing why we need to wear green on a certain day,”  said Ariana Rodriguez, who only wears green on St. Patrick’s day to avoid being pinched. 

When asked about any St. Patrick’s day events, Holly Curtis who works in Student Activities said “I don’t think we brought up St. Patrick’s day events itself, I mean we decorate for the holidays in our little lounge but no events in particular. It’s a good question. We can always bring it up to our supervisor”. 

So far the only event FCC is holding to celebrate the holiday is the St. Patrick’s Irish Music Celebration on March 14 at 7:30 p.m. in the Recital Hall.