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Vanessa Jardon

Vanessa Jardon, Reporter

Vanessa is 23 years old, born and raised in Fresno, California. She is in her second year at Fresno City College anticipating graduation with one more semester as a Journalism major.

After receiving her associates degree, she plans to transfer to Fresno State University and major in Public Relations and Advertising.

She started off as a Kinesiology major but she felt as if she put herself in a place where she didn't belong and was limiting her potential in being creative.

After coming to the realization that mass communication was something that she was truly interested in and every future career choice she thought of always led back to being in the media industry, she declared Journalism as her major and has not stopped working towards her degree ever since Spring 2020. 

Vanessa loves live music. She will always make time to go to a concert, even if she gets invited to see an artist that she doesn't know, she will go for the fun of it. Being out with the large crowds and getting chances to talk to new people is an environment where she feels her best. 

Film and photography is something she also loves and hopes to do more of in the career field she goes in or create a business out of it. Her overall goal when taking people's pictures is to make them feel comfortable and confident. Shooting concerts for her favorite artist’s is one of Vanessa’s wildest dreams. 

Learning about ways to become better in all areas of her life like health, education, and personal relationships is something she finds motivation in and is excited for the future. 

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Vanessa Jardon