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Ram Reyes

Ram Reyes, Art Director

Ramuel Reyes is a 23-year-old, currently living in Fresno, California. He was born in Lucena City, Philippines. After living five years in the United Arab Emirates, his family moved to Warwick, Rhode Island in 2007. They moved the following year to Fresno, where they lived ever since. Ram is pursuing journalism, with a focus on photojournalism.

There are really three things Ram cares about outside of the Rampage. One is video games. He loves video games and has been a “real” gamer since he was four. The other obsession of his is photography. After having messed around with a DSLR at one point in his life, he concluded that he was “pretty good” at this and decided to make it his passion. Lastly, he loves clothes. He loves them a lot. He loves buying them, looking at them and wearing them. He doesn’t like the “buying” part but the “wearing” part he enjoys very much. Ram also has a dangerous obsession over Kanye West. If you are reading this Kanye, please notice me.

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