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Construction Complicates Commute to FCC

August 29, 2017


Photo by: Ram Reyes

Mckinley Avenue and Clark Street remain closed off due to construction on Aug. 29, 2017.

Every student’s commute to Fresno City College is different.

Through all of the chaos, students new and old have had to deal with traffic and detours due to construction on McKinley Avenue.

Construction on McKinley has been going on since May 1. Workers have been installing a new underground pipeline, a part of the Recharge Fresno program which will bring treated surface water from the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the city.  This new line will ensure that clean drinking water is delivered to homes and businesses.

Many students and faculty hoped for the construction happening on Mckinley Avenue to be over  by the time school started and were surprised by the detours as they headed to the campus in the first week of school.

Many students at FCC drive to school, but some are considering other modes of transportation to save costs and the stress of dealing with the diversions.

FCC student Cody Jackson has a 30 minute commute from Selma. Though he doesn’t have any trouble getting to campus, his main issue is fluctuating gas prices.

“I had a bigger truck, but I traded it in for a beater to help me save gas,” Jackson said.

Monica Valdivia is a student who walks to school everyday, and her walk takes her about 25 minutes.

“I walk and I get a good workout and I don’t have to deal with the chaos of the parking lot,” Valdivia said.

Another student, Matthew Lamar, currently drives to school but considered taking an Uber. “I wanted to start getting an Uber, Lamar said. “But it seemed like a waste of money.”

Rachel Hinson has to avoid McKinley Avenue and misses out on parking on campus. “I have to park over by the football field, and it’s really far,” she said.

As the rhythm of the semester starts to settle in, students and faculty can look forward to the an easier commute as the construction nears completion.

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