Campus Voices: Students Opinions on Fall 2021 Semester


During the first week of the semester, The Rampage asked students:

1.How they feel this semester will go.

“It’s going pretty well, at least for me and my major since a lot of my major has to be in-person.” –Aidan Whitney, Welding major 

“I guess it’s good that we’re still having school and it’s good to have the option to be both online and in person.” – Amy Vang, Nursing major

“Considering how it was in the beginning to now, I think it will be a lot better in a sense that teachers know how to approach online learning a lot better.” – Edward Thammavongsa, trying to get into the Rad Tech program

“I think it will go well, I think it’s getting more controlled, I think.” – Desmond Ferguson, Welding major 

“I think it’s gonna go well, at first it was kind of weird having classes online but you just get used to it and it just gets easier.” – Isaac Cortina, Construction major 

“I think it’s gonna be beneficial, both learning online and in person. In person you do gain more information and can be more involved. Online helps as well because it’s more convenient if you are a busy person.” –Jason Lore, Sonogram technician major 

 “I hope that everyone can safely attend classes, being that that is our primary goal.” – Thomas Joseph Lescoulie, Undecided 

“Well I haven’t gone to school in a semester so I certainly feel out of the loop. I’ll just have to get used to it again. I’m sure I’ll get As or Bs or at least barely pass.” – Alexia Avendano Mendoza, Early Childhood Education major 

“As long as everyone follows safety protocols then yeah I think it’ll be fine. So far from what I’ve seen the teachers are taking it seriously and they are making sure an outbreak doesn’t happen on campus. So I’m pretty sure the semester will play out how it normally would.” – John Rebaudo, Undecided

“I really do think things are going to progress smoothly and hopefully this pandemic will end sooner than we think.” – Jonathon Ray Garcia, Psychology major

2.If they are worried about campus closing down again due to the pandemic.

“I’m worried a little bit and I hope it doesn’t happen but I have hope that we can get through it because we’ve been through it before so we know what to expect.” –Aidan Whitney, Welding major 

“No, I don’t think I’m worried because we’ve already been through it. I was a nursing student so we’re kind of the first ones used to being on campus.” – Amy Vang, Nursing major

“I don’t think so. I’m not worried because during my virtual school learning it wasn’t that difficult to do the work, it was difficult to get tutors but now it’s a lot more accessible. People understand how difficult it is now so we know.” – Edward Thammavongsa, trying to get into the Rad Tech program

“Yes, I don’t like being at home, I don’t learn anything, that’s just my thing.” -Desmond Ferguson, Welding major 

“Yes because the virus is mutating, they say that the mask doesn’t really help, but it’s just to prevent infection if you have it, but overall it doesn’t help that much.” – Isaac Cortina, Construction major 

“No not really, I feel like I’ve really adapted to both and I wouldn’t really care. I understand for safety reasons, but I can learn through both virtual and in-person.” –Jason Lore, Sonogram technician major 

“Likely a possibility for shutdown considering the rising cases.” –Thomas Joseph Lescoulie, Undecided 

“I’m not worried about everything getting locked down because I don’t go in person, so it doesn’t really make a difference what happens to me at least.” –Alexia Avendano Mendoza, Early Childhood Education major 

“Vaccination rates are up so I’m not too concerned with another lockdown. Oh and they are giving out vaccines in the courtyard and I saw a lot of people getting vaccinated. So I’m sure we’ll be fine.”  -John Rebaudo, Undecided

“The professors have gotten a lot more experienced with online classes and are feeling more comfortable. I am sure that they think things will go well.” – Jonathon Ray Garcia, Psychology major