Student Reactions to Being on Campus


Photo by: Julietta Salazar

Students walking along the campus for spring 2022.

Three weeks into the semester, Fresno City College students have mixed emotions about being back on campus. 

Sana Minhas, an FCC graphic design major for four years, has always thought that her education at FCC is slightly easier because it was less responsibility than she was expecting.

“I find it easier to understand something just by being back in person,” Minhas said.

FCC students Jorge Velazquez and Chloe Leyva agreed, saying that “it’s easier” regarding their expectations of being a college student. 

“I like it here, there’s a lot of freedom and you can do a lot of things here,” Velazquez said. 

Minhas, Velazquez and Leyva are not the only ones who prefer being back on campus

Dawit Arefaine, a third year student, said “It’s way better than being online, definitely. I could ask for more help in person, talk to more people in person, socialize more.”

However, not everyone shares the same opinion. “It kinda sucks,” biology student Edwin Martinez said about his overall experience. 

“Coming from high school to college is a different adjustment because high school doesn’t teach you anything about college, and I think especially when the lock down hit, things just change,” Martinez said

He has concerns about safety after the math and science building was closed.

Despite it being stressful and hard, Martinez also said that it’s fun getting to meet new people on campus.

According to Vice President of Instructions Don Lopez spring semester is the time where students who just graduated highschool come in.

Students like Thayne Disney who are newer to campus find that it’s especially “chill” and have been enjoying the experience of getting to talk to random people. 

This is also video production major Adrian Gonzalez’s first time on campus and this is what he has to say

“It’s really not that bad. It’s not too big which I like, you get your own space, you can hang out with your friends for a little bit you know? Make some friends.”

Casey Yang, an FCC Kinesiology student says “It’s been pretty enjoyable since I don’t have to stay home all the time. Get some daily walks. Get the Cardio”

Overall it seems as though students don’t mind being back on campus, even going so far as to say that they prefer it. 

Despite the concerns of coming back to in-person classes, students appreciate that they now have a reason to come out and socialize again.