Beat the Heat on a Budget

The world is only getting hotter and the scorching summers are proving to be more of a hot and sticky nuisance than it is recognized as the summer fun that we all love and know. With record high temperatures in the last couple of years, this heat can be more hazardous, if anything. 

With the added factor of inflation in our economy, staying safe in these weather conditions only becomes harder if people can’t afford to keep cool. Here are some ways to protect yourself from the heat, while on a budget.

Staying in our homes with an AC unit system ventilated throughout the entire house is nice and all, but those bills can stack up due to the high power usage of 3000 to 3500 watts per hour on average. Some of us might not even have working AC’s to begin with, so  building  your own can be beneficial.

There are many ways to approach building your own cooling system as they’re tons of guides around the internet that’ll walk you step by step. 

It might not be as effective as a proper AC unit, but its portability and flexibility might make up for that depending on how far one is willing to go to keep cool on a budget.

With significantly less power usage, this DIY AC on YouTube is fairly simple and can blow out as low as 59 degrees in close proximity. Because of its portability, you can make use of its  proximity factor by keeping it close by.

It may not be able to cool down an entire room all that well but why would you when you can just keep it at the side of your bed like a regular fan for as low $20 and more effective than regular fan which would ultimately blow air that corresponds to its room temperature.

Other than a makeshift air conditioner because, let’s be honest, nothing can beat a roughly $7000 dollar AC unit inside your home, you can still do minor things that will help beat the heat inch by inch. 

You can do things such as closing the curtains in your home during the day. Doing this will prevent some sunlight from warming up your house. 

Another thing you can do is reduce usage of stoves, or kitchen appliances that will ultimately bring out a source of fire or heat. If worse comes to worst, you can always try to cook outside so you have a cooler home to come back to.

Freezing water bottles and ice packs, if you’ve read the first solution you would want to put this in your DIY AC instead. Another minor alternative is to put them on one self as you’re watching a movie. 

The cold may seem a little extreme at first, but you can always remind yourself of how hot it is by just simply walking outside and baking sun.