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Jimmy Heng

Jimmy Heng, Reporter

Jimmy Heng is an English Major and has been attending Fresno City  ollege for 3 and a half years. He has lived in Fresno for his 20 years of life. He always had a respect towards the written word and its ability to convey complex human thoughts from one individual to another.

Jimmy wishes to pursue a teaching role in English to help students understand the effectiveness of language and conversation. He also has a great appreciation for literary works by authors like Jane Austen, H.P. Lovecraft, and many more.

Journalism has been a rising curiosity with the influx of questionable news practice within mainstream media. He is a beginner and novice in the journalism field, but has a deep-seated desire to ensure that truth prevails above all else. Jimmy wishes that mainstream media outlets placed a larger emphasis on truth and accuracy rather than their focus on money and exposure. He also finds that within conflicting views, there can be understanding and acceptance no matter how divisive a topic is.

Jimmy believes that many issues are avoidable if individuals are willing to communicate in a civil sense. He believes that most people unintentionally place themselves in a position where they only hear like-minded opinions which forms an, “Echo chamber of thought.” Jimmy thinks awareness of this issue and willingness to listen will grant for a more diverse and rational way of thinking.

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Jimmy Heng