FCC Volleyball Season Comes to End

November 29, 2017


Photo by: Marco Rosas

Fresno City College women’s volleyball players get a block during a home match against San Joaquin Delta College on Saturday, Nov. 25, 2017.

The Fresno City College volleyball team lost a close playoff game to San Joaquin Delta College on Nov. 25. They ended the match with a final score of  2-3 and each set score as: 20-25, 25-19, 23-25, 25-17, 12-15.

Early in the season, FCC traveled to Delta college and got the victory on Sept. 6 with a set score of 3-1.  

The first set began well for the Rams. Right side hitter Mia Corripo scored the first point for FCC. Rams showed strong teamwork, but Delta kept up the with same pace.

The two teams were similar skill made it a close first set. Delta started gaining the point advantage and FCC started catching up, but were not quick enough. FCC struggled and lost the first set with 20-25.

FCC struck harder in the second set, beginning with Corripo earning the first point with a spike. The ball was quickly hit to each side of the net during an intense rally. FCC wins the rally and created a point lead.

It was a close second set, but FCC came out on top. They scored the last point with a spike and the set ended at 25-19.

Set three began looking promising for FCC when outside hitter Brittany Olivares spiked the ball against Delta. However, Delta gained a massive lead, but FCC kept fighting to catch up.

FCC decreased the point difference greatly, but loss the third set. It was incredibly close and ended with 23-25.

The fourth set began with FCC pulling ahead. This point lead helped FCC win this set. Outside hitter, Makayla Cervantes earned the last point with a spike and ended the set at 25-17.

This brings the match to the final and fifth set. The first team to get to 15 points would win the fifth and final set.

Set five was incredibly close. The two teams were evenly matched, but Delta college came out on top and finished the set at 12-15, resulting in FCC’s loss. The match’s final score was 2-3.

Head coach Kieran Roblee said that Delta played well defensively and believes that made the difference this match.

“It was a highly competitive match and they did a solid job in their transition game,” said Roblee.

Roblee said it was a fantastic season and saw a great deal of growth and improvement in the team. She added it was enjoyable because the players were invested in getting better.

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