Students and Their Furry, Feathery and Scaly Friends


Photo by: Alexis Garcia

Alexis Garcia poses with her picture perfect pup, poised to play in the park.

Story By: Alexis Garcia, Reporter

Animal lovers on campus tell us what it’s like owning and interacting with a pet. Every animal has a different temperament and affection requirement. Some animals would love to be pet by a bus full of school children. Other pets, well, that’s where the claws come out. 

Cats seem to be the perfect lap companion when curling up and reading a book for school. 

Or maybe fish? Across from you a fish tank with finned friends displaying exuberant color, clearing your mind from the stress of your next final.

You close your eyes and are greeted by a slobbery wet kiss from your dog Fido. How could you choose between Fido the dog and FeeFee the cat, indeed it is a hard choice.

There are many Fresno City College students that have pets. Different owners have different furry friends … or scaly.

FCC student Gerado Rojas spends his time helping students with math in the tutorial center. But when he’s not at school he hangs out with his pit bull.

He reminisces about  the time he owned a peacock during his childhood. Peacocks can stand over 4 feet tall, with sharp talons and aggressive temperament due to their territorial nature.  “To be honest I was kind of scared of the peacock because it had big claws,” said Rojas.

Peacocks might have scared him but for lizards it was different. “I treated them more calmly and they just like to sit on you and walk around a little bit,” he said. 

Student Rayshelle Isaak works alongside Rojas in the math section of the tutorial center. She has an abundant experience working with animals. From dogs, cats, guinea pig, frogs, tarantulas, hamsters, fish, bunnies, birds, turtles and lizards this student knows her animals!  

Isaaks’s advice to handling animals differs from pet to pet. “It honestly just depends on the animal, who the animal belongs to and the temperament.”