The Rampage Online

Is Fresno Safe? Yes, if you’re white, male, and wealthy.

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Story By: David Richards, Opinion Editor

September 14, 2020

On Sunday, August 30th, 26-year-old Nikolas Frazier called 9-1-1 to report a man seen carrying a rifle in a Walmart parking lot on the corner of Herndon Ave. and Clovis Ave. in Clovis.  As officers arrived, Clovis Police Department reported, they found a man, who was later confirmed to be Nikolas Frazier,...

The Herd Episode Three- Coping With COVID-19: Meet the Team

The Herd Episode Three- Coping With COVID-19: Meet the Team

Story By: Ben Hensley, Patrick Henslee, Janine Tate, Natalie Gallegos, and Moises Buitrago

May 6, 2020

In today's episode Editor-in-Chief Ben Hensley meets reporters Janine Tate and Natalie Gallegos to discuss how students and faculty are adjusting to current and future issues caused by COVID-19. Sports Editor Patrick Henslee makes his first appearance on The Herd share how student-athletes have been...

The Herd Episode Two- Meet Tom Thao

The Herd Episode Two- Meet Tom Thao

Story By: Ben Hensley, John Bruce, and Moises Buitrago

April 29, 2020

Welcome back to The Herd, the podcast for students made by students. In this episode, we have our first guest Tom Thao. Thao is currently a faculty supervisor at the tutorial center. Thao has played a pivotal role in helping students become accustomed to Zoom. Also covered in today’s episode is President Goldsmith’s address ...

The Herd Episode One- Meet Janine Tate

The Herd Episode One- Meet Janine Tate

Story By: Ben Hensley, John Bruce, Janine Tate, and Moises Buitrago

April 22, 2020

Welcome to the podcast for students, made by students, The Herd. In the first episode of the podcast host John Bruce and co-host Ben Hensley discuss Fresno City College's online transition and the available resources to students with reporter Janine Tate. To read the full story check it out her...

The Fight Life:Zoila Frausto Gurgel And The Uppercuts And Jabs of Being a Woman In MMA

Zoila Frausto Gurgel found success in the world of MMA, winning a world title and overcoming two ACL injuries along the way.

Story By: Moises Buitrago, Social Media Editor

April 14, 2020

As Zoila Frausto Gurgel prepares for the biggest fight of her career she watches as the men before her are awarded $100,000 oversized checks after each fight. When Gurgel steps into the ring and does the unthinkable and defeats the undefeated champion, Megumi Fujii, she is not greeted with the oversized check. Inste...

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