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Moises Buitrago
Moises Buitrago is a second-year student at the Rampage. Buitrago is currently majoring in journalism and is looking to transfer in the fall. During his first semester at the Rampage, he was used as a photographer and a designer.

Originally from the bay area, Buitrago landed in the Valley after his parents decided it was time for a change. Buitrago became interested in journalism right after the move when a friend told him he should join the class.

Besides being a journalist Buitrago is also a photographer and an audio engineer.

As an audio engineer, Buitrago is responsible for editing podcasts and mixing songs for a local church in Fresno.

One of Buitrago’s favorite hobbies is photography. After touching in multiple pools of photography including journalistic, street, and studio photography, Buitrago ended up finding toy photography, his personal favorite. Along with being proficient in photography Buitrago is Adobe Certified in Photoshop, Lightroom, and InDesign. He is currently teaching himself Illustrator and Premiere.

One day while on Instagram Buitrago found out about the world of toy photography and decided he wanted to start his own page, which is available to view on Instagram under the handle @professorjuniper.

When not working at The Rampage Buitrago spend his free time reading and working on his second major; Super Smash bros. His favorites include “The Nix” by Nathan Hill and “A Fraction of the Whole” by Steve Toltz.

An avid fan of Super Smash Bros. he is ready to take on anyone at a moment’s notice. For anyone looking to play Smash Bros.

Moises Buitrago, Reporter

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