March Madness: Prospect Watch

With March Madness closing in as spring comes, many viewers will get their first glimpse of the future NBA talent that could be the newest addition to your favorite team in this summer’s draft. This year is lacking the big name prospect like Zion Williamson, but the draft class makes up for it by having a small talent difference between each player.

Anthony Edwards

The first prospect on the list is Georgia freshman shooting guard Anthony Edwards. Georgia has a slim chance of cracking the March Madness bracket, but the freshman is still a sight to watch on the 15-15 Georgia team.

Possessing the skills that make him an elite, like court vision, athleticism and the ability to finish at the rim with contact, Edwards’ young age still shows on the court.

The 17-year-old has shown an issue with turnovers and bad shot selection, often taking deep three’s instead of spreading his shots out.

Obi Toppin

Dayton College Flyers have been swooping past opponents this season and leading the team is sophomore Obi Toppin. 

Hailed as the most NBA ready prospect, scouts view Toppin as a scoring power forward, with defensive upside. Toppin looks to fall inside of the top 10 for any team that is looking for a NBA polished player to plug into their roster.

Isacc Okoro

Orkoro, the freshman small forward out of Auburn, has the potential to become a top-five draft pick if he is able to perform well during the March Madness tournament. Orkoro has established himself as the leader of the Auburn Tigers, showing the ability to score when needed. Despite his scoring ability, Okoro is not asked to shoot often and instead relies on cuts and catch and shoots, similar to Klay Thompson.

Teams may pass on Okoro because of his sloppy shooting mechanics and overall size.

Cole Anthony

One team everyone will be watching this March is the North Carolina Tar Heels. Anthony offers teams a high risk, high reward deal. The freshman point guard is averaging 20.2 points a game on 39%. Anthony is a confident shooter who will continue to shoot no matter the outcome, but it is also his weakness.

Anthony is much more a shooter than a passer and will pass up open teammates for contested shots. Teams will find that Anthony will go on hot and cold streaks and not always be a reliable shooter.

Tyrese Maxey

The always talented Kentucky team has once again produced another NBA talent. Maxey, the freshman shooting guard, is an NBA ready talent that is ready to play both sides of the ball. Not only is Maxey a respectable shooting threat, but he also shows the capability to play off the ball and work with screens better than most prospects his age.

On the downside, Maxey lacks the height and freakish athleticism that other prospects have. Maxey’s passing game shows flashes of greatness but is too inconsistent to be a reliable passer.

Nico Mannion

Arizona is on the verge of cracking the tournament. If they make it, keep an eye on freshman point guard Nico Mannion. The guard out of Arizona offers similar tools to Maxey but is not as efficient. Mannion strengths lie in his ability to read the defense and make the necessary cuts to score a basket.

The same can’t be said about defense. A defensive liability, Mannion looks to pan out as a one-dimensional player. Mannion often struggles against above-average defenders and will struggle against NBA level defenders.