Rams volleyball starts 2010 season 8-2

Tracy Schulte sits relaxed and secure, giving off an air of experience and confidence in the skill and potential in this season’s volleyball team.

The team consists of only 11 players, a slightly smaller number than usual, with six returning and five incoming freshman. However, the team boasts six coaches including head coach Tracy Ainger-Schulte, each specializing in a particular position which boosts the one-on-one learning opportunities for players.

The team has experienced a few difficulties since tryouts.  

“Fluctuations [in potential team members] and not knowing who would be competing for positions caused stress for the team,” said Schulte.  “In the end, it made the team closer.”

Schulte joked about how little height the volleyball team has this year, but said she was proud about how athletic the women are.

In practice, the players are gaining experience in all positions in order to maximize the team’s versatility and potential offensive and defensive maneuvers.

This will help them be effective against teams with a height and perhaps slight offensive advantage, Schulte said.

At the moment, the volleyball team can only boast of one middle blocker, returning player Maureen Brown, who shows a lot of potential and is a player to watch, said Schulte who admitted that having only one middle blocker can be a challenge.

Schulte is looking at having the players run a 6-2 offense, which simply means that all players are able to hit at all times because two setters will be in the game.

Sophomore Kaylee Schanda and freshman setter Michelle Clark are up and coming players to watch to provide the needed defense and give the Rams offense the opportunity to gain points.

Freshman Alex Paredes and sophomore Amanda Michael are outside hitters and offensive players to keep an eye on. Schulte said she is counting on Michaels to step up as a middle blocker to help the Rams succeed this season.

FCC opens their conference schedule tonight against Reedley College here at 6 p.m. before traveling to Merced College Sept. 29 at 6 p.m.