Professors Voices for Spring 2022

Story By: Allyson Rushing, Reporter

Fresno City College professors share concerns and excitement for the spring 2022 semester.

According to Journalism professor Cheryl Gardner, she is excited about the semester and looks forward to being back on campus for the first time since COVID-19.

She is concerned about the student enrollment that is down. 

“Here I am at noon walking through campus that looks empty,” Gardner said.

She doesn’t want young people to give up on education and doesn’t want COVID-19 to be a barrier.

Gardner believes that FCC is taking all precautions for the virus by providing all cleaning supplies and masks for faculty and students.

Health Science professor Richard Scheidt said he doesn’t mind teaching face to face.

“I enjoy teaching and can’t see myself doing anything else,” Scheidt said. 

Scheidt said that he feels safe knowing himself and the students wear masks and believes it’s important that everyone is and feels safe by taking all precautions.

FCC Applied Technology Professor Tammy Camacho is concerned that students who are sick and have classes that are not set up to accommodate them will stop attending and delay their education.

“It is sad that numbers are way down, when we are working so hard to make it safe for our students,” Camacho said.

She is glad to social distance, wear a mask, and have hand sanitizer in the classroom for the students to use. 

Camacho said there has been a decline in males 18-24 enrollment since before COVID-19 but it has been even worse since the pandemic has occurred.

According to Math Professor Karen Willis, she feels like the semester has been incredibly hectic but thinks students are excited to be back in the classroom.

Willis said that the Math and Science building got shut down temporarily due to a possible COVID-19 exposure.

She believes that it is good to be in person for the students but also it is good to be online so they are safe from COVID-19.