The Rampage Online

Feb. 11, marks one week after a Mcdonald’s burger and fries were purchased.

Mcdonald’s: the convenient and reliable meal

Story By: Madaijah Manjarres and Ashlan Molina March 4, 2022

Many videos circulate the internet where a McDonald’s burger and fries were left out  to see how long it took to grow mold to some surprise, after years they never did. The Rampage conducted their...

Professors Voices for Spring 2022

Story By: Allyson Rushing, Reporter March 2, 2022

Fresno City College professors share concerns and excitement for the spring 2022 semester. According to Journalism professor Cheryl Gardner, she is excited about the semester and looks forward to being...

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Fresno City College Professors Hit the Platforms

Story By: Maya Padilla, Reporter March 18, 2021

With the majority of classes being online, some Fresno City College Professors have taken it upon themselves to utilize social media to keep their students engaged.  During a virtual forum on Feb....

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