U.S. Should Choose Peace Talks to Decrease Tension in Syria


Illustration by Tasha Turner.

Story By: Gabbi Micheli, Reporter

Trump ordered the military to carry out an airstrike on Syria in response to chemical attacks on civilians on April 5. Not only is Trump’s airstrike illegal, but it creates bigger issues.

Syria is suffering. Social media threads show the gruesome reality of victims of chemical attacks, dead malnourished children and bombings that have left cities like Ghouta in ruin for over eight years.

On the surface, striking Syria seems like a good idea, given the atrocities that have been committed by the Assad regime. An airstrike would send a message to the terrorist group that the U.S. is not afraid to fight back to defend the innocent Syrian men, women and children.

However, it’s important not to overlook the fact that no matter what the outcome is, innocent lives will be lost — lives trapped in a warzone, lives trapped by circumstance and innocent of what’s to come.

Despite Trump’s decision to take his own action in “saving Syria,” the cycle of fighting back and forth will likely continue. All burdens seem to be thrown onto Syria. It’s a constant battleground. Adding an airstrike along with the devastation and destruction already permeating the country will most likely leave these trapped civilians even more hopeless.

Additionally, Trump’s decision to strike Syria is illegal.

In addressing his decision, instead of going straight to congress for their approval, Trump went straight to the media, as usual. He bashed Russia for allegedly taking action to prevent missiles from being fired at the city, according to one of Trump’s tweets.

Although on the surface it seems that Trump is in support of Syrian citizens who have been chemically attacked, it may just be another way to fuel his ego.

By illegally sending an airstrike to Syria, this not only puts Syria in danger but the U.S. as well.

If Trump continues to set the tone by ignoring or disregarding the rule of law, who knows what will become of our nation’s credibility?

Also, violence begets violence. This airstrike will just further tensions between the US and the Middle East. If the US is declaring war illegally, what will the Assad regime, an organization that has inflicted violence on their own people for years, do?

Peace talks would be the best solution in avoiding tension and violence on both sides. It is also long overdue.
The tension between the U.S. and Syria has been evident for over eight years, with no resolution in sight. Fighting fire with fire only engulfs both nations into a situation that we may not be prepared for.

It’s time that innocent Syrians receive their justice. Violence is the last thing Syria needs, it’s a key trademark of the country. What Syrians need is hope. They need clear directions and America needs a clear plan for what they need to execute, rather than a drastic declaration of war that Trump can easily do, bypassing Congress at the drop of a hat.

In an America seemingly more divided than ever, change in handling these tensions is our best hope for a change in Syria.