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Tamika Rey
Tamika Angie Rey is a 32-year-old second year college student who is striving to become a professional journalist. She is currently majoring in journalism and communication at Fresno City College, and from what I hear she absolutely loves the courses she is taking toward her degree.

Tamika was born on July 8, in San Francisco, California. She later commuted to Fresno, California to settle and attend school, but her heart will always be in Frisco! She often spent her summers growing up in Los Angeles which has thus given platform for her to develop a very interesting personality, seeing as all these different geographical locations have very diverse cultures.

Her favorite football team, aside from the FCC Rams is, of course, the San Francisco 49ers. Her favorite color is electric pink which can be reflected through her aura as very vibrant and luminous.

Throughout her grade school years she competed in many contests wherein she received many awards for her communication, speech, and writing abilities which hence sparked the beginning of a promising career as a protagonist.

She feels none the more satisfied with life than when she is reading a book and digesting its contents. She is often moved by music and lives for the dance floor.

Tamika likes to report her information, honest, raw, uncut, and on the record. She thrives and excels in information gathering, research, data collection and investigative reporting.

Her favorite topics to cover include race and gender issues, and she also has a passion for disproportionately disadvantaged youth. She feels a deep rooted connection to those within her community and hopes to be the ‘Voice for the People.’

She has been on the Dean’s List multiple semesters and pulled a 4.0 more than a few times while at FCC. She thoroughly enjoys the campus life and will graduate with her AA in both journalism and communication, this May of 2019.

She hopes to transfer to a CSU in the Bay Area to continue and complete her educational endeavors, and most importantly she plans to use all the valuable skills that she develops therefrom and her omnipresent reach to leave a lasting ethical mark on the world.

Tamika Rey, News Editor & Business Manager

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