Broadcast Issue 7

In the final broadcast of the fall semester, the Rampage covered Bernie Sanders’ Green New Deal rally on the veteran’s lawn, Winona LaDuke, the environmental activist who spoke at the OAB, and the awards the Rampage won at the Journalism Association of Community Colleges Norcal conference. In entertainment, Moises and Patrick teach you some DIY Christmas hacks. In opinion, Symmone and Avery ask the eternal question: Popeyes vs Chick-fil-a. And in sports, we covered football and men’s soccer. Anchors: Leticia Leal and Tommy Tribble Reporters: Moises Buitrago, Patrick Henslee, Avery Johnston and Symmone Woods Video by Leticia Leal and Mark Ross

Story By: Leticia Leal, Multimedia Editor