Budget outlook For FCC good

Story By: Kaitlin Regan, Editor-in-Chief, Yolanda Bird, Reporter

According to FCC President Tony Cantu, a portion of the new funding generated from Proposition 30 has allowed FCC to offer additional classes, as well as increase summer school class offerings to include a four week summer session, as well as bringing back Saturday classes during the 2015 Spring semester, something that has not happened in a few years.

The college has even more money to spend in the classroom and on the staff members of the school.

According to Cantu with the increase in budget that Proposition 30 gave to the schools, there is hope to increase enrollment even more.

Until the budget increase , FCC had not fared so well. Enrollment for FCC had been uneven, with the number of students dropping from 8,451 to 6,950 from the fall 2010 until the spring 2011 semesters. Since then enrollment has been going up in the fall and falling in the spring semesterv.

According to Cantu “Since 2010, we went on a deliberate cutting down on our [Full Time Equivalent Students].  Proposition 30 [has] allowed us to start adding [back and] those number [are] up.”

Though FCC is doing quite well with enrollment having gone up within the last year. Many other schools throughout the state, despite the budget increase, have not gained enrollment. According to the Management council, FCC is one of the few schools to gain students, adding nearly 300 full time equivalent students in the past year

However, this semester FCC has had a significant increase from last Fall getting almost 300 more students from last Semester. Spring semester having 7,318 while this 2014 semester has 7,637 students.

Though FCC has not reached the numbers it had in 2010 it has been increasing since. It has increased significantly since the drop back in 2011. With the help of the management council, group of people who decide what to do with the money given to them by the state, there is hope that there will be a significant increase within the enrollment of Fresno City College students.

Although the economy has been recovering, President Cantu said that enrollment has been  flat, with no significant increase in enrollment in spite of additional class offerings.  But he is hopeful that as classes are added, students will be more inclined to return to school.

Cantu added that he “wants to have a group of classes during the late afternoon.”  This will focus primarily “on giving the opportunity for students to get their 12 units earlier in the day.”  He is looking at offering these late afternoon classes “between 1:00pm and 5:00pm.”

Last year FCC reported a $2,988,000 reserve, and according to the FCC Board of Trustees Meeting on Aug. 21, those reserves are being spent on campus improvements.

In addition, funds from Proposition 30 are being allocated for use by the district in a number of areas: from campus improvements, restoration, student services and hiring of additional teaching staff for projected increase offering of classes.