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John Bruce
John Bruce is a 19-year-old communications major writing for the Rampage as Entertainment editor. He was born and raised in Visalia, but recently moved to Fresno to pursue a more fruitful education. John loves to travel, write creatively and tweet about nonsense. He is an Aquarius, 6’8” and a rehabilitated high school theatre kid.

It’s his second semester as a student and his second as editor and he’s looking forward to furthering his section and bringing new ideas to the editorial board. He loves thinking critically about and closely analyzing media in all forms, and he believes looking at the types of stories people consume is crucial to bettering as a society.

When he’s finished at Fresno City, he hopes to transfer in-state to a CSU and he has his eyes on Sacramento State, but he would be happy learning wherever he is able.

During his spare time John can often be found relaxing and playing games, spending time with his girlfriend or fervently writing one of many projects. In 2019, he started a personal blog, but decided in early 2020 to take it in a different direction by focusing more on culture and commentary than poignant anecdotes.

He longs to have a very big house not for himself, but for the numerous dogs (namely bull terriers and doodles), cats and rabbits he plans to adopt.

Be sure to check out his work on and you can reach him online @jdbruce_ on Twitter and Instagram or by email at [email protected]

John Bruce, Entertainment Editor

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John Bruce