Why Kamala Harris Will Be a Great President For 2020


Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Story By: Ramon Castanos, Reporter

The charismatic former Attorney General and Sen. of  California, Kamala Harris is running for the presidential race in 2020. She is probably the only person in the Democratic Party that could face President Trump in the election.

Back in the 2016 election, the Democrats had a difficult time defeating Trump due to the disconnect between the people. The people didn’t like Hillary Clinton. Kamala Harris will help the Democratic Party get minority voters to help her win in the election because many people see her as inspiration for change in the country.

Harris’ ethnic background is African-American and Indian descent, and she is fluent at speaking Spanish. She can relate to those cultures that strongly support the Democrats and make up their base.

Harris strongly supports renewing and protecting DACA.The program deferred deportation for young undocumented immigrants who were brought to this country as children. President Trump canceled the DACA program in 2017, and many students on campus fear deportation as a result.

The way Harris argues for helping DACA is very passionate because she understands how parents will feel when they will be separated from their children. Harris responded to a question from DACA recipient that USA Today News reported back in  Jan. 29 of 2018, “We should not be trading on your life for the sake of the political games that this president is playing in trying to vilify young people like you who are doing nothing except being productive and believing in and living the American dream.”

She comprehends how students are scared of being deported because they wouldn’t have the same education as they would in the United States.

When Harris speaks to the Hispanic community, she dedicates herself to solving the issues of immigration. She won’t let Trump to get his way by building the wall or by separating immigrant families. To me, it shows that she isn’t conforming to President Trump’s policies because she won’t allow Trump get his way of separating families.  

Harris was played a pivotal role in the confirmation hearings for now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. She has a passion for stopping injustice, owing to her background as a prosecutor. She grilled Kavanaugh about the sexual assault allegations against him on a national stage. In the era of the #MeToo movement, many women can see that Kamala supports them to the end.  

Harris supports Medicare for All and the $15 minimum wage. She’s a passionate champion for working class Americans who speaks charismatically in their defense. She is the only one who can beat President Trump in 2020.