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Early Look at Wilt’s First Self-Titled EP

Photo by: Sara Ohler
Wilt performing at Strummers in Fresno on March 22, 2024.

Wilt, also known as “your favorite band you’ve never heard of” comes out with their first EP on Friday, April 5, and it’s great for summertime soundtracks.

They start out with “you’re the one to blame,” which they pre-released to give an idea of what their EP will sound like. If you’ve ever been through a bad break-up, this is a song to dedicate to that ex. Its upbeat angst is perfect to play while visiting a rage room, reminiscing about your toxic ex.

“She wants me too” follows with an opposite take, embodying the excitement that comes with finding out our crushes like us back.

The start of the song talks about the anxiety and uncertainty that comes before expressing our feelings to a crush, then moves right into the relieving and thrilling feeling of finding out they like you back, your body begging to run and jump around in excitement.

The third track “more than this” brings the angst as their inspiration from Hole and Nirvana comes through. The track starts off slow, but then the bridge hits with an unexpectedly heavy electric guitar and bass with the drums coming into play making a rhythm that’s perfect for a mosh pit.

The lyrics dive into being in a dark place for so long and being tired of it. This song reminds me of reaching for romance to bring you out of the depression, only to realize it was just a distraction. The depression fog starts to get thick again, remembering that partners aren’t here just to make us feel better.

“Every now and again” brings a softer, but still angsty, approach to the ending of a toxic relationship. It explores the way the end of a relationship typically brings up only the good memories.

But then clarity comes and all the bad memories come to the surface. This track pairs perfectly with “you’re the one to blame” to get through the angry stage of grief.

The fifth and final track “bite my tongue” ends the EP on a strong note. It starts off slow and sad, building up to an angsty bridge with a chugging guitar bringing it together.

This track relays the feeling of being in your 20s, lost and unsure, hyper-fixating on how you’re perceived by others. Reminds you of being a teenager and feeling like you can do anything, desperately searching for that feeling of being safe at night alone with your thoughts.

This EP is one to save for this upcoming summer, being perfect for late-night drives and hanging with friends. Rifkin’s voice holds deep emotions that can really move feelings in others. These tracks played live will be incredible.

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Sara Ohler, Opinion Editor
Sara Ohler is a 24 year-old journalism major who was born and raised in Fresno, CA. After graduating high school in 2017, she didn't know what she wanted to spend her time studying. She decided to take time off of college, but still wanted to pursue education and went on to become an esthetician. After a few years, she didn't feel challenged within her practice anymore and craved something more, so she decided she would go back to college.  She initially joined the Rampage on a whim, and became an editor in her first semester and is now the editor-in-chief in her third semester. She feels lucky and grateful to have jumped on this opportunity when she did. Sara's passion for writing started around the age of 8, which stemmed from her love of reading. A few years later she would discover a passion for photography. She wrote in her high school newspaper and loved it and she feels lucky to have been given the opportunity to experience what writing for a publication is like. Though she hasn't decided which university she would like to go to, she plans on transferring to one with a good journalism program where she can dive in to the realm of investigative journalism, photojournalism and music journalism. She has quite a few different hobbies, but you will most likely catch her photographing concerts, reading in a local cafe, or playing Dungeons and Dragons with her pals.

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