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No One Wants to Lose a Friend:

Friendship Breakups Suck
Photo by: Michael Lin
Losing friends can feel isolating. Watching people you pour your heart out to just walk away can break anyones heart.

The idea of having someone that you thought would be in your life, and then no longer wanting to be part of your life is devastating. It hits even harder when it’s a friend that ghosts you.

A perk of being single is never having to break up or be broken up with. Starting any romantic relationship comes with that risk. But the pain of losing a friend hits harder than anything.

Falling in love is hard, but loving someone can be easy. This is why I feel that a friendship loss is worse than a romantic loss.

It sucks losing someone that you love. Especially when it comes out of nowhere.
I’ve been broken up with and been the one to break it up romantically, but those times were nothing compared to when my friends broke up with me.

All I could think about was how distant we had been from each other leading up to
that day. The signs were there but I couldn’t see them. Or maybe I just didn’t want to see them.

I could have been a better friend, but ultimately I wasn’t. I know I wasn’t perfect. For two people not wanting to be a part of my life, I had to be doing something wrong.

The worst part wasn’t losing people to depend on, or no longer hanging out with
those people. The worst part was how it happened.

Being ghosted left me with no actual closure or explanation. That’s what hurts the most. The fact that my friends will never know the effect they had on me, may never
know or care to know.

I haven’t seen them since that day and I don’t know if I want to.

There was a time after the break-up when we almost saw each other, and I panicked.
I probably should have known I would see them again randomly, but I didn’t.

This is a heartbreak that can only come from the love I had for these people. Weirdly enough I do still have love for them, but I don’t want to be friends again.

It doesn’t matter how they feel about me or the situation, it can’t change the way I feel.

When we were friends they treated me well even better than a current friend could
have, so our initial bond was unforgettable.

But at the same time, if it was that easy for them to forget about me, maybe they don’t deserve me as a friend.

I am at the stage where I’m choosing not to talk about it as much. It’s not fair for my current friends to still hear about this, which is why it’s easier for me to say I’m over them so the conversion can be changed.

Writing this is my way of letting go. I hope it will be the last time I have to think
about them.

The breakup did make me realize not to take my current friends for granted. I haven’t been the best at this, but I’m trying. My mental health sometimes gets in
the way.

I understand that friendships aren’t forever and sometimes things happen for the better, even if it may never seem that way.

For those who’ve had a friend break up or are in the middle of one, I hope closure has been offered to help make the days forward easier.

I know I will get through this and come out on the other side ok, but that will only
happen if I am honest with myself.

There needs to be a market for friend breakups to help people feel like they’re not
alone. It happens in some media, but it is usually played for laughs.

More friend breakup songs would also be nice, unfortunately, the most famous ones
come from Taylor Swift, who my ex-friends are in love with. So yeah, not listening to those anytime soon.

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About the Contributor
Fabio Saravia
Fabio Saravia, Sports Editor
Fabio Saravia is a 21-year-old journalism major at Fresno City College. Born in Fairfield, California, but raised in Vallejo, California. He now resides in Fresno, California and has been living there for about seven years and counting. He has hopes of one day becoming a lawyer in immigration. Look most students that attend Fresno City College, he comes from a family of immigrants. He knows the many hardships they face and hopes to one day be able to alleviate the pain. Fabio graduated from Central West High School as part of the class of 2019. When joining Fresno City College, he was able to join two clubs. The two clubs being PUENTE and the Law Pathways Club. He also was a part in creating the club IGNITE for a Fresno City College chapter, but the process was halted due to the pandemic. Fabio was able to work as a canvasser for nearly two years for the nonprofit organization called Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability. At LCJA he was able to learn one-on-one communications skills as well as phone banking. He also had the opportunity to attack the problem of COVID-19 head on. For his work he was able to set up COVID-19 vaccine clinics and participate in them. He was also one of the main people to register people to get their vaccine in Fresno, Madera, and Tulare County. Fabio always had in interest in writing. His dream goal is to one day be a writer or actor/director along his friends who share the same passion.

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