Saving the Environment Saves You Money


An illustration created by Kellie Clark on February 12, 2019 depicting a price tag wrapped around the world.

Story By: Sarah Chavez, Assistant Opinion Editor

Seeing how bad the environment has gotten is heartbreaking and should motivate all of us to take charge with this problem that we created.

Everyone is a part of this problem. I made this mess, you made this mess, we all made this mess. And we can all be part of the solution.

Right now people are concerned over the Grammys, celebrities, or what album is actually better than the other.

Are we not going to care about the one thing that will determine life and death for everything on earth? You have to ask yourself what you can do to help, even if it’s something small and seems insignificant. If thousands of people do one small thing then it would have such a remarkable impact.

I understand that money is tight especially for college students. The only focus of a college student would be passing classes and figuring out where the next meal is coming from, but is there something that we could do despite our lack of money?

There are many ways that help the environment as well as helping ourselves, which would be our main concern. Apparently saving the environment will ultimately save us money.

California passed proposition 67 in 2016 which states that plastic and paper bags would be given to customers upon request for 10 cents. That would mean that the average American would spend $50 per year on grocery bags. It would make sense to spend at least $20 on reusable bags that can last more than a year.

Let’s say that you spend $30 on reusable bags and they last three years. That would mean within those three years you would save $120 on grocery bags alone.
If you are a college student living on your own paying your own bills and paying your own rent then saving as much money as you can is a priority, so these simple easy ways to save the environment will also save you the extra cash.

Water and electricity bills can be expensive, so you should consider cutting down on how much water and electricity you actually use.
Take shorter showers and turn off the water while you’re brushing your teeth so that you don’t use as much which means not paying as much. The same goes for electricity, the less you use the less you ultimately pay.

Recycling is also important especially since recycling the cans and bottles that you drink from every day can actually give you money.
If you live in an area that other Fresno City College students live in then talk to them about doing a carpool. You would save so much money on gas, and you wouldn’t have to pay $30 each for a parking pass.

When you are walking around anywhere and see pieces of the garbage on the ground then pick it up and put it in a nearby trash can. It costs you nothing to do a good deed.
If you often go to restaurants, but are not always able to finish all of your food then you can bring a reusable container from home which would completely eliminate the need for wasting more plastic.

This would apply to places like Dutch Brothers and Starbucks. Wouldn’t taking pictures of your drinks look more aesthetic if it were in a prettier cup which you could use more than once?

Doing all of these things will not only save you money, but will give you money. Therefore we would all be able to live a healthier and wealthier life.