Some Bathrooms Are Good, Some Are Better

Story By: Adam Peters, Reporters

The buildings at FCC are designed to keep most students from walking too far from class to use the restroom. However, some of the bathrooms at Fresno City College are worth the walk to another building to be able to enjoy.

An ordinary public bathroom looks very similar to the next one over, but it’s the small variables within those rooms – from the availability of coat hangers, to a fresh flow of air; that naturally makes a person prefer one over another. 

Ordered from the worst to the best, the following is a review of the bathrooms on campus.

Starting with the decades-old language arts building, the restroom there has a look that is reflective of it’s old age. 

The restroom is also about the size of a one person office room, but is designed to hold two people at a time. It is not the place to go if you don’t like uncomfortable silences between another person in close proximity.

As every student pursuing a general education will go to this building, it does make more sense to have more than two toilets available.

The next best bet, if the language arts bathroom is too repulsive, is to walk across the quad to the bathrooms located at the speech/music building.

The space is a little more open here. But there is only one stall; which means it only takes one person to cause a mess, and make that bathroom a no-go for students that follow. 

This bathroom would still be a step up from the bathroom in the language arts building.

Another step up in quality would be the bathroom in the library building. This restroom seems to have a proper number of two stalls and two urinals. But with further observation, the room was dimly lit. A dark room is not an ideal place to go to the bathroom, and can even be a little creepy. 

But just down the hallway from this dungeon of a bathroom is the one located at student services. 

This bathroom has a convenient location next to the language arts building. It lacks a modern looking aesthetic. But with the age of this college, it is to be expected. However, this bathroom was the most well maintained compared to most restrooms on campus. 

But this bathroom is not on the same level as the one over at the OAB.

The OAB is arguably one of the most colossal architectural structures in downtown Fresno, and the restrooms that lie within it have these same traits. 

It is a pleasant experience to use the restroom here; there is an abundance of natural light, the size of the room is almost bigger than a classroom, the mirrors cover a large surface area, and the room is well maintained. 

That being said, the coat hangers inside the stalls are all snapped and unusable. They serve a valuable purpose inside a restroom, and it would be a plus if they were updated in the OAB bathroom. Nevertheless, the OAB bathrooms are the best bathrooms on campus.

Are the bathrooms ought to be changed? Remodeled? Revamped? That’ll be up to the taxpayers of California and the FCC student government to decide.