Rogue Festival set to begin


Members of Fresno Dance Collective practice for a Rogue show, ‘’Raw Meat & Dignity,’’ at the Severance Building of California Arts Academy on Sunday, Feb. 17, 2014. Fresno Dance Collective will have its first show on Friday, Feb. 28 at 8:30 p.m. at the Severance Building, 1401 N. Wishon Ave.

Story By: Lauren Baker, Arts & Entertainment Editor, Art Director

It’s that time of year again for Fresno’s biggest and best gathering of artists and musicians local and abroad: the  Rogue Festival!

The Rogue Festival is well-known for showcasing some of Fresno’s finest artists, musical groups, and comedians for many years. I t is also being known for hosting entertainers from all over the country and even Europe.

If you’ve never gone to Rogue, check out the Rogue Festival Teaser show on Feb. 27!

This event will showcase previews of some of the most promising acts slated for the festival, as well as give you the opportunity to participate in a silent auction, purchase Rogue merchandise, and participate in the Rogue Scavenger Hunt.

The scavenger hunt is scheduled to start directly after the show and lasts until March 8.

The Rogue Festival starts Feb. 27 and ends March 8, and will be taking place as usual in the Tower District in a number of designated venues signed up to host shows and displays.

Rogue always encourages audiences to arrive on time to shows as a courtesy to all performers. Arriving on time ensures you don’t miss an act, as not all shows will welcome latecomers.

If you plan on attending the Rogue festivities, you should familiarize yourself with the “Rogue-bucks” configuration.

Rogue-bucks are the equivalent of cash money; one regular dollar equals one “Rogue-buck” and getting Rogue-bucks is a must as most (but not all) shows require payment via Rogue-bucks.

You can purchase “Rogue-bucks” at the Tower Theater and Livingstones Pub & Restaurant during Festival hours.

You can also find a listing of all the performances either online or in their catalogues distributed throughout Tower District.

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