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The Spring 2024 City Dance Concert Brings Down The House

Photo by: Logan Payne
Dance Students pose in eighties workout fashion during “Commit to the BIT,” a dance choreographed by Alexandra Tiscareña and the cast. Photo taken during performance on April 12.

The Spring 2024 City Dance Concert brings down the house

The Fresno City College Dance Department brought a semester-long effort to a close on April 14 after three performances of the Spring City Dance Concert.

The dance department, also known as City Dance, sold out the campus theater on April 12 during the 7:30 show, and the money made through ticket sales went back to the dance department.

The concert is a class itself, Dance-22, Dance-32 and Dance-42 to be specific. By registering for them, you earn a spot in the concert, but student choreographers have to audition their pieces in a pool of many others.

Seventeen unique dances were performed for the concert, and eight of them were choreographed by students.

Haley Gilpin, one of the student choreographers, has been dancing for over 12 years. This is her second semester with City Dance, and she spoke on the positive differences that separate City Dance from the other dance studios of her past.

“I feel like this program has really taught me how to create something that’s truly mine, something that I want instead of what I think other people will want,” Gilpin said. “There’s a wide variety of styles and people, and the space feels safe enough to really explore it.”

The dance department faculty lead, Cristal Tiscareno was joined by the Design Science Middle College High School dance instructor Brandon Yang to give opening remarks to the audience.

“This is the largest cast we have ever had in the City Dances performance course. I would venture to say that it’s the biggest ever in City Dance history. It is wonderful that we have so many students eager to experience being on a stage,” Tiscareno said.

Yang then addressed the two guest dance troupes, Roosevelt School of the Arts (RSA Dance) and Design Science Middle College High School. Both high school troupes had a dance to themselves, and the crowd reaction was just as strong and positive towards them as it was towards City Dance.

Tiscareno concluded the opening by out a specific audience member, Janice Jansen. Jansen is a retired dance instructor who “started City Dances” and mentored Tiscareno. The theater burst into applause as soon as her name was called out.

The longest act was called “Cinderella and the 2 Step Up Sisters,” and the story followed a Cinderella who lives in Fresno. It was choreographed by faculty member AJ Lacuesta, and narration would split up the dancing portions to progress Cinderella’s journey.

As songs by Rihanna and Ed Sheeran (among others) played over the loudspeakers, Cinderella realizes that she doesn’t need Prince Charming. Her true love is dancing with her sisters.

Dancers perform with brooms and red handkerchiefs in “Cinderella and the 2 Step Up Sisters.” Photo taken during performance on April 12. (Photo by: Logan Payne)

“Cinderella and the 2 Step Up Sisters” stood out as the only performance with a clear plot and narration. The audience laughed the most out of any act, as a new version of the age-old story played out through dance and parody.

Moises Sambrano is a dancer who has only ever worked with City Dance. He’s been with the program for three semesters now and is eager to learn more.

There is a dance concert at the end of every semester, and auditions for the Fall 2024 City Dance Concert will take place on Aug. 14 in G101 at 6 p.m.

There is also an all-day Dance Expo coming up on July 27, 2024.

For more information regarding the expo and performances for next semester, visit the performing arts calendar on the FCC website or contact Cristal Tiscareno at [email protected]

“I feel sad that it’s already over, but I’m also really excited because I want to choreograph next semester. My aunt helped me learn to love dancing before she passed away, and I know I’ll make her proud by going even further,” Sambrano said.

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