The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon is a Smart, Simple, and Sarcastically Fun Time (Review)

Photo taken on March 4, before entering Studio 105 of Fresno City College’s Theater Arts building where The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon took place.

Photo by: Marco Hernandez

Photo taken on March 4, before entering Studio 105 of Fresno City College’s Theater Arts building where The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon took place.

Fresno City College Theatre Arts and Dance’s The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon is a confident display of modern and exaggerated humor of our childhood stories. It is also a retelling of Don Zolidis’ original playwright.

The play threw together several well-known characters into a collective batch of stories. These include Rapunzel, Snow White, Cinderella and the many different witches and princes in every fairytale.


The performers were FCC students Mia Moore, Zachery Kelley, Hanna Burke, Stephanie DeLeon, and Jeremy Parks, also referred to as Cast 1. Each of them juggled between various characters and quick succession at times.

I found the most enjoyment from their fourth-wall breaking jokes. Especially the lines delivered from Jeremy Parks.

When there was audience engagement, the performers would act along as if we were not there. However, they sometimes would acknowledge our participation.

One instance of this was from Prince 2, played by Jeremy Parks, who is idiotically attempting to enter a dangerous display house. Yet, the audience is prompted to shout at him, “Don’t go in there!” Parks would erupt out of Prince 2, and shout back at the audience, “Can I finish my line?”

Another example is Zachary Kelley playing an audience member throughout the retelling of a story. It can be easily missed, but I was able to catch the moment Kelley offered popcorn to someone in the audience he was sitting next to.

These small gags are sprinkled throughout, and show how these stories are sarcastically portrayed.


The stories themselves were given nuance, as the actors, and actresses, added modern interpretations. The performances offered social norms, family dynamics, and even twerking through the lens of these fairytales.

Between these stories, Narrator 1 and 2, played by Mia Moore and Zachary Kelley, would discuss the irony in these folktales. 

A modern interpretation was within the story of Snow White and the lack of consent for the prince to kiss her in her sleep. 

And yes… There was a moment where Cinderella was twerking alongside the song ‘Work’ by Rihanna.


Janine Christl’s direction was engaging through the blocking, performances and audience participation.

The stories start rather slowly in the beginning. But that pace amps up around the middle of it and the stories do end abruptly because of it.

Stage/Background Technician:

The stage, lighting, audio effects and props were on point to display the sarcasm of the play. 

As Witch 2, played by Hanna Burke, had a glamorous Louis Vuitton cloak of all cloaks the character could wear.

There were also no technical, or management issues during the show.

Smart, Simple, and Sarcastic:

The play took me by surprise and in a great way. I found myself laughing with the audience from the deliveries, and attention to detail moments. 

Unfortunately, I was unable to capture a photo of the show, as it was not allowed, but if only you saw what I have seen. If I knew what to expect sooner, I would rush out of my day to attend another of these shows. And you should too. 

I attended the Saturday night showing of March 4, at 7:30 PM. This showtime was presented by members of Cast 1. The play lasted around 50 minutes in total.

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