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Review: Cowboy Carter

Beyoncé released a new album “COWBOY CARTER” on March 29. The album was not country but someone trying to pawn this off as country. It was later posted on Beyoncé’s Instagram that this was not a country album but her style of country.

The album features a lot of different artists ranging from Dolly Parton to Post Malone and various genres of music from country, pop, hip-hop, and R&B.

Songs like “SPAGHETTI” and “YA YA” which has a lot of pop and rap in it changes the country feel. There are upbeat tunes along with the rap lyrics that make this just an everyday Beyoncé song.

The beginning of the album held a lot of progress because it started slow with sounds like the guitar, a soothing melody, and the rhythmic and constant sound. The first song ends with the tune of the next song. This sounds amazing when you are listening to the album all together but once it’s out of order that smoothness ends.

As the album continues that slow start of the album is replaced with a more faster and upbeat tone. That is where the line between country and pop starts to blur.

The song “DAUGHTER” became a favorite for me. The song has a dark and mysterious sense with the plucking of a guitar held in the beginning. Beyoncé is singing in a low tone which makes the song seem more serious.

The religious tones in this song are heard all throughout. Beyoncé sings about not being like the choir boys and having to be cleansed by the Holy Trinity.

There is a portion of the song in which Beyoncé sings an Italian concert song “Caro mío ben” composed by Tommaso Giordani. The song is about the pain and sorrow of a loved one. It creates a contrast from Beyoncé’s low singing to a higher tone that she uses.

The song that is not my favorite in the album is “SWEET HONEY BUCKIN”. The song features Shaboozey. It has an upbeat tune with drums being heard in the background along with the higher tone that is being sung in.

The reason for it not being my favorite was the too many different changes of tunes that are heard in the song. It’s confusing. It starts with the higher note with Shaboozey having a little rap flow while Beyoncé is singing. It then switches to choir feel with the background singer and Beyoncé holding out the notes longer. The song ends with the pop tones that just make no sense.

The album could have included a little more of a country sound but overall is still a great album to listen to.

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Elliana Coreno
Elliana Coreno, Reporter
Elliana Coreno is a 20-year-old college student. Born and raised in Fresno is all she knows. Growing up Coreno had spent a lot of time watching Law and Order: SVU. Even to this day she still knows the full intro to the show. This has started Coreno's true crime interest. Watching SVU and watching YouTube videos about true crime had make Coreno want to major in Law when she got to college. Going into her first semester of college and having her first law class made Coreno rethink her law career. Coreno was always interested in writing and reading. Being a big sports fan and watching the sports reporters on the sidelines doing interviews made her change her major and instead go into Journalism. This is Coreno's first year on the Rampage. She is interested in doing reporting on sports and getting comfortable in front of the camera. Hoping to learn more about reporting and improving her writing are the goals for Coreno's last semester at Fresno City. She is hoping to transfer to Cal Poly SLO in the Fall Semester and continue her journalism journey with them. Coreno has developed a huge love for sports after being surrounded by it her whole life. Growing up with a Dallas Cowboys loving father that had later converted her older brother and mom into fans too. After holding out for years of not liking the Cowboys, she later grow into a fan after going to her first Cowboys game in Dallas, Texas a couple of years ago. Coreno is now learning about hockey and becoming a fan of that too. Still being a newbie in all thing's hockey, Coreno has picked her team and is now a Colorado Avalanche fan.

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