New Wrinkles Are ‘On the Road to Broadway’


Photo by: New Wrinkles Official

Courtesy of The New Wrinkles.

The New Wrinkles are celebrating their 30th anniversary at Fresno City College by presenting “On the Road to Broadway,” a play with over 40 songs inspired by anyone who has a dream to be on Broadway and find out what it takes to achieve that goal.

Between classes and production, the 60 members, ages 55-92, are required to take vocal and dance lessons to prep for production.

“This program gives our performers a purpose, along with physical and mental simulation,” Director of The New Wrinkles David Bonetto said.

The New Wrinkles spend year round preparing and prepping for their show, which kicks off on May 24 and runs until June 10.

Production is put on by four faculty members —  David Bonetto (director/choreographer), Rebecca Sarkisan (vocal director), Ellie Dote (musical director), and Darrell Yates (writer) who devote time year round to ensure The New Wrinkle program continues at Fresno City College.

Bonetto, who has been a director for 25 years, has put a new face to the Wrinkles program over the years by creating outreach and community events. These outreach programs allow the members to locally involved and pull a bigger audience in. Performances are held at the Fresno and Clovis Rodeo, the Fresno Fair, St. Agnes, and Valley Children’s Hospital.

“My plan is to expand the outreach events to a year-round program to give students more exposure and give back to the community,” Bonetto said. “The New Wrinkles Program has created an age gap between the seniors and students that inspires students to see that theater arts has no age limit.”

The members of The New Wrinkles have three groups: classics, encores, ambassadors.

Classics are a mid size group, encore is a smaller group, and the ambassadors are a of group of 15 members who dedicate their lives full-time to being a Wrinkle.

A season premiere will kick off  Feb. 19, where The New Wrinkles will hold a live silent auction dinner and fundraiser at Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theatre. The fundraiser will help the cost of production and the program to continue to uphold its legacy at FCC.

Tickets for future shows can be purchased at the Fresno City College Theater Arts box office, starting at $14 for general admission and at a discounted rate of $12 for students/staff/seniors.

For more information on attending a The New Wrinkles events or becoming a member head to or find them on Facebook at