Best Places to Eat around Campus

Story By: Laura Bradley


We’ve all heard the term “starving student” before, and with the way things are nowadays, some of us may be living it, but being low on cash doesn’t mean you have to suffer the taste of poor food.

If you’re looking for something great and within walking distance so you don’t have to give up that ever elusive parking spot, there are some excellent choices nearby that will help you keep some spending money in your wallet.

The nearest is Wendy’s, located on the corner of Blackstone just past the Health Science building. This particular Wendy’s comes highly recommended, and serves some excellent product at a low price, fit just for college students.

Of course, if burgers aren’t your thing, there is a KFC just north of Wendy’s on Blackstone where students can get their hands on some well priced chicken. On Tuesdays, KFC offers a thigh and drumstick, a regular side and a biscuit for $1.99, with the option of adding a drink for $1 more. Sounds like pocket change goes a long way!

If you’re still feeling like you need something else, there is a conveniently placed Carl’s Jr. on Blackstone right next to the railroad tracks where they are still offering a Two-for-$5 deal concerning their Western Bacon Cheeseburgers, and let’s face it, how many places offer deals like that?

On the other side of the street is the famed Taco Bell, where the prices are always low and the food is always spicy. If you’re looking for just a light snack, try the Echo Café on Echo and Weldon, right across the street from Fresno High School. It may be a bit of a walk, but the prices are well worth the excursion.

If you’re willing to go on a drive, why not mosey on down to the Tower District? We all know the famous Teazers, and if you don’t, then this is your chance to discover them. Among a myriad of choice teas, Teazers offers a selection of pork buns and sandwiches that are out of this world, and will keep you coming back for more.

Now then, if burgers are more your thing, walk down the street a bit and take a look at the Peach Pit located on Olive and Echo, next to the tattoo parlor. Once you try one of their deep-fried mushrooms, you may never eat anywhere else!  

If you’re looking for some authentic Italian subs, give a gander across the street and look into Piemonte’s. It offers more than meets the eye, both with taste and quantity. If you have a spare $5 and are looking to spice up your diet, grab a turkey sub from Piemonte’s and enjoy all the Tower District has to offer as you munch.

For those of us who have some late night classes, and need a place to unwind and to grab a bite and maybe a show at the same time, Starline offers several venues when the night life comes alive. Starline is notorious for having band performances on a constant basis, and great food and drinks to enjoy after a long day of class. Its nestled between the Brass Unicorn and Bank of America behind the Dollar Tree in Tower, you can’t miss it, just head south on Weldon and make a right on Fern.

And what would lunch time be if there was no pizza? As far as pizza parlors go, Me-n-Ed’s may be one of the more expensive ones, but where else can you find oven baked pizza so close to school? It’s a great way to mix things up when you’ve exhausted your reserves for subs, burgers, and enchiladas. Me-n-Ed’s is located across the street from Starline.

So make sure to give some of these places a try when you have the time and money, and explore your other options as well.

Bon appétit!