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HBCU 2024 caravan event is a great success at Fresno City College

Photo by: Michael Lin
Students and college staff fill and overflow room 251 of the Old Administration Building during the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Spring 2024 caravan event on Feb. 13, 2024.

Twenty different schools in association with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) sent representatives to Fresno City College as part of a nationwide effort to enroll students, grant scholarships and raise awareness for each university on Feb. 13, 2024.

Held in the Old Administration Building, the HBCU Caravan has made its way to FCC during the spring semesters in the past. Tyrell Hamilton is the spokesperson for Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU), and has traveled with the caravan for years.

“We go to various schools and expos along the path, and we’ve been out every day doing this. There are a few hundred students at some stops and up to 10,000 students,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton spoke about his university with distinct passion, and he isn’t the only alumni in the caravan. Trezuer Butler spoke for the Paul Quinn University of Texas and is grateful to be a part of this program.

“For me, it’s a full circle moment because when I was in high school, I actually got recruited from a Black college expo, so it’s fun to come back as an admissions counselor to help kids get into college,” Butler explained with a smile.

Jessica Shadrick, a counselor with the transfer center, has also repeatedly sent an application to the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s office to have the caravan return to campus during the fall semester as well as the spring.

Logan Payne

This caravan isn’t just on campus to raise awareness; most spokespeople in the caravan offered on the spot admissions along with multiple programs and packets filled to the brim with info.

Troy Stoutermire is a longtime representative and third-generation graduate of Langston University, and he was quick to offer advice to those interested.

“Two degrees later and completely debt-free, so it’s important to express to students how we can make ends meet…If I can work with them early enough on the front end, we can pay for a lot of that stuff because there’s too many resources out here now for affordability to be the reason why we don’t go to school,” Stoutermire said.

The speakers weren’t working on an empty stomach, with tables all along the perimeter of the room with different foods, like Little Caesars pizza and pots of chow mein with fried rice. Robert Pimentel, the President of FCC, was scooping orange chicken as he talked to different coordinators and students.

OAB-251 has been the Caravan’s destination for six years now, and Pimentel noted that this was the biggest turnout the event has seen. He even mentioned that the caravan might have to move to the cafeteria or the gym next year. Even though the space was full, every student regardless of race and background was still more than welcome, and it’s been this way since the caravan’s conception.

“It’s an opportunity for students to really explore other options. HBCUs are known for offering a cultural experience, and that’s what we’re interested in as well, but we are promoting the colleges that waive out-of-state tuition and provide a lot of scholarships,” Pimentel said.

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