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    Fresno City College’s Food Trucks Need a Little More Variety

    Photo by: Jesus Herrera
    Fresno City College students lined up at the Grobak Sushi food truck on Oct. 27, 2022 for lunch.

    Every Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m.- 2 p.m., Fresno City College has food trucks at the main fountain on campus. Every day, different trucks appear for a variety of lunch options.

    Though the trucks sell a lot of tasty food, after a while, it seems a little variety could be added to the menus, as well as some different food trucks.  

    The current rotations for the past weeks are Las Brisas, Spicy Birdz, and Mangonazo on Mondays, Tacos Sinaloa and Anita Eatz on Tuesdays, Where’s The Food, and Tacos Las Salsas, Limon Partido on Wednesdays, and Tacos las Vaporera and Anita Eatz (again) on Thursdays.  

    One thing that’s usually common on the menus of these food trucks is the theme of Mexican food. While I love Mexican food, some variety could be added to these trucks, so it is not always the same types of food that appear on the menu.  

    One of the few trucks that are not exclusively Mexican food is Spicy Birdz, and while it serves quesadillas, the title states that the truck sells chicken, macaroni and cheese, and fries on the menu. 

    Other trucks with different varieties sell other types of fries, such as Get Baked 559, this includes ingredients such as Hot Cheetos and nacho cheese. While I did not try that one, I have seen it get ordered a few times. One that I’ve actually tried and enjoyed is the DUI Fries, which consist of pastrami and pepperoncini peppers on a bed of fries.

    One food truck called Twisted Bowls sells bowls that include anything from veggie bowls to shrimp bowls. Like the Mexican food trucks, this truck is one of the main ones that appear during the week.  

    While the food trucks are a good alternative place to grab food around campus besides the cafeteria and the vending machines, an upgrade with more variety could be a helpful addition too.  

    The cafeteria, ever since its upgrade to add more options, is a good example of this, with four or five different sections to choose from alongside other snack options.

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    Franzmae Acosta, Reporter
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