Hundreds Gather for Martin Luther King A Walk in Peace


Photo by: Derek Gardner

Martin Luther King A Walk in Peace concert at the Fresno State Concert Hall where hundreds gathered for the in-person event

On Feb. 11, around 300 people gathered to watch Fresno City College Choir perform with Fresno State a Walk in Peace at the Fresno State Concert Hall.

This was FCC”s first in-person choir event with Fresno State Since 2020

When performing virtually, students would record themselves and send the videos to Julie Dana, FCC choir instructor and director for choral activities.  She would then edit the videos into one and upload it to the Fine Performing and Communication Arts FCC youtube channel. 

One major concern coming into this event was that it might get postponed due to Covid-19. However, Dana said the Walk in Peace had an additional date selected in case the event required being postponed.

FCC choir has 24 students and the chamber choir has 11 students. 

During the choir’s practices and performances the students wear KN-95 masks or Singers masks that come forward on the face giving the singers more movement and breathing room to sing better. 

“It’s a really good collaboration to do this one in particular because a lot of our kids |students| that have transferred over there are now singing at Fresno State and the kids here get to see what they’re doing,” Dana said.

With every song performed the audience grew louder in applauding the choirs. 

Between songs and switching of choirs, students would go up and read poetry. Before the final song  students from both choirs took turns reading a line from Martin Luther King Jr. “I Have A Dream,” speech.