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Feb. 11, marks one week after a Mcdonald’s burger and fries were purchased.

Mcdonald’s: the convenient and reliable meal

Story By: Madaijah Manjarres and Ashlan Molina March 4, 2022

Many videos circulate the internet where a McDonald’s burger and fries were left out  to see how long it took to grow mold to some surprise, after years they never did. The Rampage conducted their...

Fresno Rent Increase Leaves Some Students Concerned

Story By: Abigail Wall, Reporter March 1, 2022

The cost of rent in Fresno has increased according to the real estate website Zumper. The average price of a one bedroom rental has increased to $1,400 a month and a two bedroom to $1,700 a month compared...

Press Release from California Volunteer website.

California Volunteers Selects Fresno City College for State-Funded Program

Story By: Abigail Wall, Reporter February 15, 2022

Fresno City College has been chosen by California Volunteers for a state-funded program that aims to eliminate student debt.  The program offers students $10,000 for completing 450 hours of community...

Inter-Club Council Facebook post

Multiple Clubs, Multiple Ways

Story By: Julietta Salazar, Reporter February 6, 2022

Fresno City College is kicking off spring 2022 by announcing 18 active student clubs this semester, as well as organizations for students to participate in.  FCC’s spring 2022 clubs Include Volunteer...

FCC Student Activities Instagram Post

Student Activities Kicks Off Spring 2022 eSports With Rocket League

Story By: Derek Gardner, Reporter February 5, 2022

On Jan. 29, students joined the Fresno City College’s gaming Discord server hosted by FCC Student Activities staff to play Rocket League.  There was excitement and laughter throughout the night as...

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