California Volunteers Selects Fresno City College for State-Funded Program


Press Release from California Volunteer website.

Fresno City College has been chosen by California Volunteers for a state-funded program that aims to eliminate student debt. 

The program offers students $10,000 for completing 450 hours of community service in a year. 

It is designed to help the roughly four million Californians who owe approximately $147 billion in student debt, while also giving them valuable experience in service. 

FCC students who have completed two academic years are eligible for this program. 

Participants will be able to provide services to issues like climate action, K-12 education and COVID-19 recovery. 

“Fresno City is a great addition to the program because many of us are at FCC because of financial strain and how expensive state schools are, so the program could help a tremendous amount of students,” nursing major Emilie Paat-Stansbury said. “I participate in community service already so I would definitely continue.”

Leiah Beamer, an FCC child development major, agrees “It could help me by paying for any school bills that I have, like past dues for my books and more. It will just genuinely help with anything I need to pay for school,” Beamer said.

Fresno City College is among 45 colleges selected for this program. 

According to the California Volunteers press release this will be the largest state-level investment in a college service program in the history of California.