Fresno Rent Increase Leaves Some Students Concerned

Story By: Abigail Wall, Reporter

The cost of rent in Fresno has increased according to the real estate website Zumper.

The average price of a one bedroom rental has increased to $1,400 a month and a two bedroom to $1,700 a month compared to the average rent of $1,015 in 2019. 

Students around Fresno City College were asked their opinion on the increased rent throughout Fresno County.

What is your opinion on the rising rent in Fresno? 

“I feel like it’s inevitable in some fashion but not to this degree. Fresno is not good enough to be this expensive,” –Alexis Durant, psychology major 

“ I didn’t know that it was rising.” – Keaton Vanzandt, English major

“I think it’s concerning because the cost of living is already high. It’s really hard to afford a place to live.” – Jazper Blancett, psychology major

“It’s very high even for someone who has two part time jobs at minimum wage, I don’t have time for a third because I’m taking classes so I likely won’t be able to even rent because of that.” – Elizabeth Nicolet, Elementary education major

Was it difficult to find a place to rent? 

“I had a lot of difficulty finding a place that was affordable, I firmly believe that the only reason I found one within my price range was because I had connections with the owners who helped me out.” – Alexis Durant, psychology major

“It did not take me too long, maybe a few months.” – Keaton Vanzandt, English major  

“ I had some difficulty but since rent is still achievable I was eventually able to find a place to stay.” – Jazper Blancett, psychology major

“It’s been a couple months since I started looking seriously.” – Elizabeth Nicolet, Elementary Education major

FCC offers resources to help students struggling with housing or other financial issues such as the Ram Pantry that serves students who are currently enrolled at the campus.