Rams’ Allison has Stellar Season, Commits to Arkansas


Photo by: Ben Hensley

Chet Allison slides in safely at second following a stolen base against West Hills Coaling on April 2, 2019.

Story By: Conner Stevens, Reporter

To say that sophomore outfielder Chet Allison has had a good season for the Fresno City College baseball team would be an understatement.

Some may even say that a great season doesn’t even put into context of how much of an asset Allison has been to the team in the 40 games he has played in the 2019 season.

To give readers a speck of what Allison has been able to do on the field this year, here is a list of the hitting categories that the Rams’ center fielder leads the team with: Batting Average (.439), Hits (65), Runs (54), Doubles (17), Triples (6), Home Runs (10), RBIs (46), Stolen Bases (17), On-Base Percentage (.538), and Total Bases (124).

Looking at a videogame-like stat line that Allison has built, one would think that there were some insane changes in the offseason that led him to play at the high level that he is at today.

One would think that a Chet Allison morning includes waking up at dawn and heading to a local gym for a grueling workout, before spending countless hours studying film, to find the kinks in his picture perfect swing that he has showcased to fans all season.

One would think that Chet Allison eats, sleeps and breathes baseball and is chomping-at-the-bit everyday to get back to the nations past time.

One would think that someone who has had as successful season as Allison may have an ego that would create a problem with him fitting his head through doors.

At least, one would like to think?

Though the work ethic and drive to be successful couldn’t be more spot on when describing Chet, the ego part couldn’t be further from the truth.

The 6-foot-2-inch, 220 pound outfielder who graduated from Clovis High School in 2017 was anything but what you might think a typical star athlete might be.

Humble. Calm. Present. These are the characteristics that came to mind after an interview with Allison.

Chet is the type of person that puts his nose to the grindstone day in and day out and doesn’t look for the public to notice or put him on a pedestal.

Consistently putting in the work to put himself above the competition and to get the results both he and his team needs. And letting his game talk for him has worked his entire life, but as of recently his game has been talking pretty loud.

Its safe to say that Allison’s game does a lot more talking than Chet himself.

“I just like to act like anyone else,” said a modest Allison. “I don’t really like to talk about how good I do.” For someone who carries the second best batting average in the state, that says a lot about the type of person he is.

When asked about the difference in work ethic over the past two years, Allison described that not much had really changed in his day-to-day workouts.“Last year the strength was there,” Allison said. “I just wasn’t barreling up balls as much as I am this year.”

One college in particular took notice to Allison barreling up the ball more this season and decided to make a move to get him to the next level.

This past week in April, Chet decided to commit to the University of Arkansas and play under Dave Van Horn. Van Horn, who has been with the Razorbacks for 15 years, has built quite the resume himself that would entice a player like Allison to join the program

“It’s the SEC,” Allison said when asked what led to the decision to pick Arkansas. “I couldn’t really turn it down when they gave me an offer.”

Allison will be put to the test next year as he will be in the same conference as some of the nations top teams in Vanderbilt, Mississippi State, and Georgia, along with other highly respected teams.

When asked about how he will adapt to a move across the country, Allison didn’t miss a beat. “Seems like the best atmosphere in college baseball,” he said. “Just something I wanted to be a part of.”

Though with all the talk of the big move to division one baseball, he still has one last playoff run with the Rams.

Allison has been a key part throughout the season to the Rams’ success and will look to continue that good run in FCC’s playoff opener against Cabrillo College this Friday May 3 at 3:30 p.m.

Allison has only seen Cabrillo one other time this season, where he went 3-4 with three singles and a stolen base.

“I think we are as good or better than any team in the state” Allison said when asked about the Rams’ playoff hopes. “If we play like we should, then we should win.”