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Rams Slide to Victory in Last Home Game of Season

Photo by: Michael Lin
The rams showing good sportsmanship after their win against the Coalinga College Falcons on April 23, 2024.

The Fresno City College Baseball team won against the Coalinga College Falcons in a 7-5 game on April 23 in the last home game of the season. The Falcons had a late comeback in the eighth inning but it wasn’t enough for the Rams.

The weather was almost perfect for a game day. It was a hot and sunny day but a gentle breeze cooled the players and the fans in the stands.

The Falcons were first on the plate. They looked hungry for a win and started off strong with three runs in the first inning.

The Falcons were getting hyped for what they just accomplished, pressuring the Rams to match their intensity.

As soon as the Rams made it to plate they managed to fill the bases, forcing the Falcons to huddle and strategize against the Rams.

The huddle wasn’t enough and the Rams finished the first inning with 3 runs, tying up the game.

After the first inning, both teams showed glimmers of hope, but couldn’t seem to get on the board. Inning after inning, both teams had nothing to show for their efforts.

Although the innings 2-5 were without any scores, both crowds were cheering on their team to get them back in the game.

The Falcons were scoreless in the sixth inning, but then Rams’ Korey Likens went up to the plate and finally brought life back in the game after hitting a double.

The Rams are back in the game and cheer on Likens to continue the momentum they have going on as they step up.

Mark Baca walked to first, Likens walked to third causing the Falcons to huddle once more as Rams’ Elijah Moultries stepped up to the plate.

Rams added four more runs to the game that all started once Likens was able to open up the play and break the tie, ending the sixth inning.

The Falcons started the seventh inning strong, but it still wasn’t enough to put numbers on the board.

The Rams remain scoreless in the seventh inning, which threatens them as the eighth inning kicks off.

The Falcons load up the bases in the eighth inning, and put two runs on the

The Rams could score again for security, but didn’t in the eighth inning. Austin Watson closed out the game with a perfect ending.

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Fabio Saravia, Sports Editor
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