Alvarado Determined to Win Championship

Alvarado Determined to Win Championship

Photo by: Daisy Rodriguez

Fresno City College Pitcher Jorge Alvarado. Wednesday, February 25, 2015.

Story By: Kageanna Garza, Reporter

Jorge Alvarado, all-American pitcher on the Fresno City College’s baseball team for his second year, is more than determined to bring his team to another State championship.

Alvarado has been playing baseball for 12 years. He said his family were all baseball players and fans when he was growing up.

“I liked it,” Alvarado said. “My whole family played, so it was kind of traditional.”

But having a whole family incredibly into baseball has some down side and overwhelming with pressure. This was not the case for Alvarado.

“I liked it, so it was whatever,” he said. “I never questioned playing.”

Being one of the top pitchers for the baseball team can come with many responsibilities. Not once did Alvarado feel he had pressure on him during games from his coaches or teammates. He said that once he walks out to the field and pitch, all the nerves disappear.

Alvarado considers himself as a leader for his team, and his goals for the season are to bring home wins and win the conference title for his teammates.

“Be a good team and be the best that I can be,” he said.

Alvarado is more than confident he can achieve his goal on earning a scholarship at the end of this season at FCC.

“I would imagine he will have one,” said Ron Scott, head coach of the FCC baseball team.

Alvarado said that playing for the baseball team is a privilege. The team is already 10-2 this season and ranked No. 6 in NorCal by CCCAA and is more than likely heading to state playoffs.