Online Dating: Cons

Story By: Toni Woodruff, Reporter

Online dating has become a worldwide phenomenon with the ease of technology today. While some people prefer going out to bars, coffee shops, local events and even the gym to meet new people some rather scroll endlessly through online dating sites and various social media platforms to find Mr or Mrs. Right.

As I play with the idea of online dating in my head, I wonder about the level of confidence needed to go out on a complete limb to connect or try to connect with someone you do not know or have not seen.

On one hand you would need a high level of confidence to to put yourself out there and be readily available for strangers to decide if they want you or not. On the other hand many people who rather online date have very low self esteem and use their online profiles to hide their insecurities.

TV shows like “Catfish” and “To Catch A Predator” expose people who are not afraid of lying about who and what they are. These shows are literal examples of why we should stay away from looking at online profiles as possible relationship partners.

Some lie about their height and weight while others might lie about their name, age and sexual orientation but what about those who lie just to get in bed?

Personally, I have dealt with people only talking to me or trying to get to know me online just to see how far they can get with me physically. No one asked how my day was or if I had eaten but instead if I would like to go out for drinks and “maybe go back to my place,” as a man once said to me. There are too many possible risks when online dating.

One of the biggest risks is your heart. To be invested in a person you have never met is like putting yourself on a tightrope over a shark tank, one wrong move and it is over for you. I get it, people want love and we all deserve that but you never know someone may be ready to give you the world but you are too busy on Tinder.

Think about all the time being wasted staring at your phone or computer screen all day just to talk to someone you think you know. Whether you are a student or working or both, you know your time is precious.

Online dating is almost a full-time job on top of your real full-time job. The thing about face to face relationships is the ability you both have to live your lives: to go to work, see friends, do homework and then have your time together. Online relationships require all of your attention which can be exhausting.

I grew up with computers, cell phones and social media so I value face to face, personal relationships more than internet friends or internet boyfriends/ girlfriends. There is a special energy that forms between two people having a good conversation face to face.I feel we as a society are starting to lose that reality with online dating.