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Cheer is Not a Sport. It’s an Art

Story By: Kris Hall, Online Editor

October 24, 2019

The year is 1865. The North has the South cornered on all sides. Men have proven themselves as valiant warriors in their warfare. The year is 1870. Older brothers mock their younger siblings for their lack of manliness in contrast to their acts in the war. The younger brothers, desperate to  prove...

Cheerleading is a sport, LOSERS

Story By: Hannah Lanier, News Editor

October 23, 2019

Maybe it’s because I spent eight years of my adolescence being a cheerleader.  Maybe it’s because I know the long hours of training and conditioning it takes. Maybe it’s the cheers and chants drilled into my head. The one thing I know is cheerleading is without a doubt a sport. I’v...

Pro/Con: F#$%k Social Media

Story By: Peter Lopez, Entertainment Editor

March 29, 2019

F##k social media. F##k our phones. And f##k the opinions and justification of others. It’s time to take our lives back and appreciate our own personal worth. According to the Pew Research Center, with regard to personal identity issues, “self-promotion . . . propaganda and pressures to conform...

Why Social Media is Essential

Why Social Media is Essential

Story By: Tamika Rey, News Editor

March 28, 2019

As I scroll down my Facebook page, I often see people’s posts complaining about how much personal information others share on their social media pages. These posts belittle others in a very condescending and subjective manner. Although I can understand why most people don’t want to know that you...

Online Dating: Cons

Online Dating: Cons

Story By: Toni Woodruff, Reporter

September 26, 2018

Online dating has become a worldwide phenomenon with the ease of technology today. While some people prefer going out to bars, coffee shops, local events and even the gym to meet new people some rather scroll endlessly through online dating sites and various social media platforms to find Mr or Mrs....

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