Ram Pantry Expired Food, Definitely Sweat It

Yes, it’s true, the idea behind the Ram Pantry is amazing. Giving out free food to hungry college kids? Great! However, the execution is mediocre at its best.

The Pantry gives out food to cook with, hygiene products, and snacks to Fresno City College students for no fee. It sounds great, in theory, but the Pantry has an issue of distributing out some expired foods. 

When students are poverty-stricken and free food is available, they gravitate toward the Pantry for help and sustenance. 

This has upset some of FCC’s students. “Kids can’t afford food most of the time. Other places give out food that hasn’t expired so why can’t Fresno City do the same thing?” said Fred Moody, an FCC first-year student.  

Some students are aware, but some were shocked to learn of this dilemma.

“I had no idea the Ram Pantry gives out expired foods. It’s gross,” said Carrew Davis, a first-year student as well. 

A few food items that are in the pantry include common products like Hot Cheetos and chips, to off brand spaghetti and red sauce for pasta. Some of these items were found to have best by dates going back to 2018. 

Typically peanut butter is enjoyable, but when mold is present on the bottom, it’s not nearly as appetizing. 

That’s what I found when I went into the Pantry to investigate: peanut butter with an expiration date going back to 2018. 

When I turned it upside down there was clear presence of a white mold.

If a student had picked up the jar of peanut butter, taken it home, and had no idea mold was at the bottom, the Pantry should be held responsible.

Not only is sickness a concern but so is the taste. 

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, the quality of products can deteriorate after the best by date, even if the products should still be safe if no signs of spoilage are present. 

So, when items are past the expiration dates, the taste falters. Do students deserve this tasteless expired food?

Kyreese Bailey, a Ram Pantry employee, explained his thoughts on the issue. “It’s not expired food. It’s food beyond the best by dates.’

 “We have lists we go by,” Bailey continued, “the lists we have show what foods we can put on our shelves. Some foods and drinks can last months past their best by dates.”

Basically, the whole point behind best by dates is all about quality. 

We need quality food for quality students. 

As students in a community college, it’s already hard enough to pay for books, the least you expect is to be offered expired food. Students have the right to be informed and decide whether any action is taken or simply ignored.