Best Bites Around Campus


Photo by: Ramon Castanos

Students line up to buy food at the cafeteria on campus with their meal cards and coffee cards at Fresno City College.

Story By: Ramon Castanos, Reporter

Food truck vendors, the Ram Pantry, Campus Cafe and off-campus restaurants are providing food and discounts to the hungry students of Fresno City College.

Students can make choices based on cost, availability as well as variety of foods offered.

The Campus Cafe, located in the same people as the student lounge, is usually the first port of call for most students. The eatery tries to be competitive by its costs and deals. The Campus Cafe offer varied types of food like pizzas, sandwiches, hot dogs, bugers, and many more meals.  

Jaime A. Jaramillo, interim director for food service, said the cafe is charging the same prices as it did last semester.

The cafe offers a “buy 10 get one free” deal with coffee cards.  A new meal program rewards a student who buys seven $7 meals with a free one, if it costs $5 or more.  

“Most of the time, I eat before school, but on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I eat in the cafeteria during my break,” Daniel Armenta, liberal studies major, said. Armenta said that sometimes the prices in the cafeteria are expensive, even for a slice of pizza.

Sara Xiong,  communications major, said she mostly makes her own food, but sometimes buys food when necessary. She said making her own food is a “smarter way to save money.”

Another option is the Ram Pantry which is free for every student. Cindy Dunn, coordinator of Ram Pantry, says donations come from Fresno Metro Ministry, Coca Cola, Community Food Banks, Cornerstone Church, and a Lutheran church group.

Food from the pantry is available on Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m. It reopens from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Monday to Thursday, so “evening students have an opportunity to come in and get food, as well the athletes,” Dunn said.   

“The busiest days right now is Tuesday and Thursday; Friday isn’t quite as busy because not many students are on campus,” Dunn said. Many evening students and student-athletes had schedule conflicts with the earlier hours.

To heat frozen food from the Ram Pantry, students can use the microwave in the Associated Student Government office (ASG) which is located on the second floor of the bookstore building.

The microwave is available for every student from Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m,. but hours vary depending on the availability of the senators, according to Eldine Hudson, ASG office manager.    

Students can also buy their food from the food trucks which are available Monday-Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 the small fountain near the library; the back patio behind the bookstore and near the Health Sciences Building. Students can find the food truck schedule on the FCC website, said Carla Walter, interim vice president of administrative services.  

“The locations are appointed [to vendors],” by the administration, said Jeff Lewis, co-owner of Rubia’s Churro Parities.  Lewis said some locations are not as busy as the Health Science Building location.

The schedule for the food trucks is updated frequently through the administrative services office, Walter said. Prices of food vary by vendor.

Students with an FCC ID card can get discounts from restaurants, including Dutch Bros, Carl’s Jr., Denny’s, Mings Restaurant, Piemonte’s Italian Delicatessen, Bobby Salazar’s, Loving Hut, Happy Joy, Pho 75, Flower Tea, and Froyo & Ice Cream that are near to FCC.

  • Carl’s Jr 10 percent discount (not offering with stacking coupons or combo meals)
  • Denny’s 10 percent discount (not offering with beverage orders)
  • Flower Tea five percent on bubble tea and food
  • Happy Joy 10 percent discounts on any drinks
  • Mountain Mike’s 20 percent discount on any pizzas (not offering with stacking coupons or promotions)
  • Piemonte’s Italian Delicatessen 75 cent off on any sandwiches
  • Mings Restaurant one dollar off on any $10 purchase
  • Teazers 10 percent discount on any items
  • Pho 75 10 percent discount (not offering with stacking coupons)
  • Bobby Salazar’s 10 percent discount
  • Dutch Bros one dollar off on any drinks (not offering with stacking coupons and one per card per visit)
  • Loving Hut one dollar off on anything on the menu
  • Froyo & Ice Cream 50 percent on second yogurt (not offering with stacking coupons, promotions, or loyalty reward and the FCC ID card only works Monday – Friday at 11:00 a.m. – 3 p.m.)