Food Trucks On Campus, Find Your Craving


Photo by: Samantha Morales

The owners of Get Baked 559 at the Fresno City College campus.

Fresno City College offers various types of food trucks to come onto campus for students to get meals.

Food trucks are usually available from Monday through Thursday from 11a.m. to 2p.m.

The food trucks give a range of options to pick, whether they want tacos, wings, or even a Philly cheesesteak.

Keith Flton is the owner of Ring Your Bell, which serves wings in various flavors, sliders, chicken sandwiches and other finger foods.

Flton said that the name of the food truck was inspired by an old school song, You Can Ring My Bell.

As to how he started his business Flton said, “One morning I just woke up and said I am tired of my old job and I want to start something on my own,” and he had a friend in the business already to help him “Then I started this.”

Ring Your Bell started coming to FCC due to being part of the Freno Street Eats, which had asked him to come and he agreed to.

Flton food truck is at FCC once a week either on Tuesday or Wednesday.

When Flton is not at FCC campus, his food truck is at Tioga Brewery, Manchester and Sierra Vista Mall.

“Support the local food trucks to keep us going and we appreciate being here,” Flton said 

A new addition to the food trucks on campus is Get Baked 559.

Get Baked 559 is a food truck that serves primarily baked potatoes and other items that involve potatoes.

“The business first started in our garage and once we realized that we were growing a following, we decided to buy a food truck and go from there,” said Joseph Leo, who is the chef and culinary creator of Get Baked 559.

March 9 was the first day Get Baked 559 was on the FCC campus and was met with a long line of students ready to try their food.

When they are not at the FCC campus, Get baked 559 can be found at events around Fresno and at Manchester and Sierra Vista Mall.

Nick Zavala, a nuclear medicine major said he usually gets his food from the cafe but every once in a while he will buy the pupusas at the Salvadorian Sizzle, another food truck that comes to FCC.

However, he does think that there should be food trucks that cater for the mornings.

“I think the food trucks are very convenient. I would love to see a breakfast truck in the morning. I feel like most kids have early classes so a food truck in the morning is very nice,” said Zavala.